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About Air Sign Adornments

Air Symbol

In astrology, air signs are all about the movement and communication of ideas. Restless and curious, air signs continually hunger for new ideas to consume. They are rational, versatile, verbal, quick, and alert. Air signs are the zodiac’s information processors. Among the most unemotional and objective of all signs, they value truth and realism, see both sides of opposing issues, and can offer balanced views of each. Air represents change, and change is necessary for growth and achievement. Air is about freedom and freedom of choice which leads to rebirth and renewal. It brings about uniqueness and it is this quality that separates our individual path from others’ paths.

At Air Sign Adornments, we strive for balance, beauty, and uniqueness in each of our jewelry designs. Inspired by the natural world, we create pieces that can be both simple and complex, emphasizing the duality of different elements brought together; metals and minerals, the natural and man-made. We apply the blending of different surfaces, colors, materials, and techniques to create beautiful jewelry designs for any sign.

Feel free to explore the eclectic collection of jewelry that we offer, and contact us if you have a vision for a piece that we can help you turn into reality.

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